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Celtic Art Gallery

Original works of art by Kristen N. Fox, usually hand-drawn and digitally finished,
that include traditional Celtic artistic elements or themes.

Click any image or its title to see a larger version.

Celtic UFO Mandala

Celtic Summer Mandala

Celtic Pyramid Mandala

Celtic Clover Mandala

Celtic Aperture Mandala

Celtic Stormy Sea Mandala

Celtic Flamingo Art

Celtic Wheel of the Year

Celtic Rock Knot

Celtic Polar Bear

Celtic Owl

Celtic Coin - Vercingetorix

Celtic Coin - King Burebista

Celtic Coin - Epona

Celtic Coin - Chariot

Celtic Coin - Lion

Celtic Coin - Wreath Rider

Celtic Coin - Eye

Celtic Coin - Horse

Celtic Coin - Knot

Celtic Reindeer Knots

Celtic Dawn

Celtic Skull and Crossbones

Celtic Castle Tor

Celtic Nature Balance

Celtic Stargate

Celtic Crescents Rainbow

Celtic Crescents

Celtic Triple Spiral

Circle Celtic Tree of Life - Ink

Circle Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic Stained Glass Spiral

Celtic Cat & Dog

Celtic Cat

Celtic Dog

Celtic Surreality

Celtic Hourglass

Celtic Clockwork

Celtic Star

Celtic Trinity Knot

Celtic Daggers

Celtic Dolphins

Celtic Triskele

Celtic Atlantis Opal

Celtic Loose Leaves

Celtic Compass

Celtic Bejeweled Shield

Celtic Pyramid

Celtic Dragon Labyrinth

Celtic Quad Cross

Celtic Springtime Mandala

Hot Celtic Dragonfly

Cool Celtic Dragonfly

Celtic Doorway

Celtic Planet

Celtic Spiral Stepping Stone

Celtic Butterfly

Celtic Leaf Transformation

Celtic Dark Sigil

Celtic Puzzle Square

Celtic Valentine

Celtic Reindeer Shield

Celtic Blue Moon

Celtic Elements

Celtic Autumn Leaves

Celtic Shield

Celtic Rose Stained Glass

Celtic Rose Trispiral

Pink Celtic Hearts

Celtic Knotwork Enamel

Celtic Knotwork Castle

Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic Pentacle Spiral

Celtic Knotwork Sun

Celtic Knotwork in Knot

Celtic Eye of the World

Celtic Knotwork Dragons

Celtic Four Leaf Clover

Celtic Diamond Aqua

Celtic Cross

Celtic Avant Garde

Celtic Knotwork Panel

Celtic Mandala #1

Celtic Mandala #2

Celtic Mandala #3

Celtic Mandala #4

Celtic Mandala #5

Celtic Mandala #6
All images on this website are copyrighted by the artist, Kristen N. Fox. Do not copy any of these images for personal OR commercial use without express, written permission of the artist. Please send email with your request. Thank you.