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Photography Gallery

Original photography by Kristen N. Fox - rural and natural shots, artistic and studio shots, and more.

Click any image or its title to see a larger version.

Tulip Unfolding

Double Rainbow Over Barn

Rainbow Hiding Behind The Trees

Rainbow Through The Tree Tops

Mourning Dove

Daffodil Hug

Bleeding Heart Flavors

Seagulls on Ice

Geese and Cold Feet

Geese of Three

Ice on the Hudson River

Rhinecliff Bridge Over Frozen Hudson River

Geese Ice Breakers

Ice Across the Hudson River

Winter Waterfalls

Winter Waterfall 2

Humpback Whale Tail 3

Humpback Whale Tail 2

Humpback Whale Tail

Humpback Whale

Two Humpback Whales

Peaceful Ocean Ripples

Sparkling Ocean Atmosphere

Coasting Seagull

Blue Green Wave

Wingaersheek Beach Path

Low Tide

Motif #1 Horizontal

Motif #1 Vertical

Lonely Skiff

Harbor Lineup

Skiff Peek

Pink Hibiscus

Lobster Traps on Rock Pier

Sardonic Seagull

Harbor Panorama Cyanotype

My Turn Sailboat

Seagull Lineup

Orange Buoys

Waxing Moon in Blue Sky

Moon Over Rockport

Female Cardinal in the Snow

Yellow Day Lilies

Two Yellow Day Lilies

Water Chestnuts

Saugerties Lighthouse

Saugerties Lighthouse Front

Sugerties Lighthouse Eye

White Crocus

Winter Sunrise Surprise

Triple Icicles

Red Blue Green

Cardinal In Snow

Feathery Frost Frame

Golden Backlit


Reach For The Moon

Natural and Artificial

October Tree

Sun Seekers

Autumn Glow

Autumn Road

Early Fall

Harvest Moon

Aztec Gold

Turtle Pose

Catch All Spiderweb

Stone Poppies

Sun Dog

Daffodils Three

Bleeding Hearts

Star Americana

No Smoking

Diamond In The Rough

Nature Abhors A Right Angle


Pink Tulip Soft Focus

Snow Urchin

Icicle Sunset

Eastern Blue Jay

Snowy Branches Portrait

Snowy Branches Landscape

Winter Moon

Leaning Into Sunset

Snowy Evergreen

Wooly Bear Caterpillar

Catskill Mountains Panorama

Catskill Clouds

Metal Boats

Ashokan Bridge

Hidden Boats

Ashokan Reservoir

Ashokan Puzzle Rocks

Ashokan Peninsula

Ashokan Hills

Ashokan Sunset

Leaf Litter

Autumn Waterfall II

Awosting Falls

Autumn Waterfall

Orange and Green

Fall Foliage


Autumn Colors

Catskill Mountains

White Cliffs at Lake Minnewaska

Red Leaves Blue Sky

Lake Minnewaska Reflection II

Autumn Tree By Lake

Black Snakes

Lake Minnewaska Reflections

Apple Tree

Apple Tracks

Fallen Apples

Apples on the Tree

Trestle Trellace

Trestle Bridge Foundation

X Marks the Spot

A Matter of Time

Red Vine & River

Leaves Aglow

Railroad Trestle Bridge

Christmas Leaf

Autumn Twilight

Green Heart Leaf

Red Autumn Leaf

Chipmunk on Rock Wall

Chipmunk With Nut

Dragonfly Flagpole Sitter

Rondout Creek

Black-Tailed Deer


Scrub Jay

Blue Ripple

Lone Seagull

Ill-Fated Romance

American Coot

Coot Distraction


California Hills

Sentinel in the Fog

Broken Vistas

Pacific Coast Seascape

Pacific Coast Upturned Rocks

Pacific Coast Crashing Wave

Pacific Coast Double Spray

Rocky Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Spray 1

Pacific Coast Spray 2

Pacific Coast Spray 3

Gold Ranunculus Flower

Pink Half Moon

Owl Feathers

Illuminated Daisy

Pinnacles Outcropping

Orange Rose

Blue Delphinium

California Countryside

Pinnacles Rock Face

Bottle & Light

Hillside Tree

Illuminated Alstroemeria

Wood Produce Boxes

Illuminated Daffodil

Sun Shower

California Poppies in Rocks

Sky Lines

Illuminated Alstroemeria Yellow

Illuminated Alstroemeria Pink

Cave Waterfall

Yellow Wildflowers

California Ground Squirrel

Scarlet Pimpernel


Cattle & Countryside

Golden Hills of California

Illuminated White Carnation

Illuminated Daisy Group

Three Walnuts

Hatching Flower

Rainbow Country

Wheel in Time

Grass Plus Water

Monarch Butterfly

Sun Dappled Cow

Hummingbird & Stream

Fence Lizard

Ivy & Barbed Wire

All images on this website are copyrighted by the artist, Kristen N. Fox. Do not copy any of these images for personal OR commercial use without express, written permission of the artist. Please send email with your request. Thank you.